How To: Don’t Allow Facebook To Use Your Profile In Ads

Facebook has been doing a few sketchy things recently with privacy.  First, there was a big terms of service change which most of the Facebook community petitioned against and was later reverted back and the terms were changed with the community’s input.  Now Facebook is using user’s profile information in their Ads.  Now these ads are Facebook ads (not third party) and only shown to people you have confirmed as a friend, but I still would prefer to not have random ads which basically say I endorse something because I am a “fan” of it.  I thought other people might want to know how to as well, so I made this quick how to for making sure your profile won’t show up in Facebook Ads.  It’s just three simple steps…

  1. Login to Facebook and click Settings > Privacy Settings in the upper right of the screen:

    Privacy Settings

  2. Click on News Feed and Wall:
    Facebook Ads
  3. Make sure you have “Show my social actions in Facebook Ads” set to “No one”:
    Don't Use My Profile In Facebook Ads

That’s all you have to do!