New Site Design

Note: I wrote this last night about 1:00am and just realized at 7pm, 18 hours later, I never hit publish…

After a couple weeks/months, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a design for my site. Hopefully it’s pleasing to the eyes, but either way, twitter me to let me know what you think. I created the design originally for my main site, then ported it over to a wordpress template for my blog here. Actually, you might have already noticed that the “Home” link in the top goes to, and the blog link is to… well… here, my blog.

Now that I’ve finished the design, I hope to spend some more time on these other projects (almost all of them not listed on my website yet) I have been neglecting.

New Blog Address

As you might have already noticed (because of the magic of Apache mod_rewrite), my blog URL has changed. I bought a couple months ago and wasn’t really sure what to do with it at the time. I had considered using it for a developer dad community site, but finally decided I would just use it for my blog. Perhaps in the future I will expand the site to be more than just my blog…

I still have and I’ll start/continue using that as my “web hub” or whatever you would call the central place you can find all of my online presence and projects. Right now it is just a link to my blog, but as soon as I get the design figured out, I’ll get it up and running.